Monday, June 24, 2013

Stateside Missionary? Amazon Prime... your new best friend!
Are you a member of Amazon Prime?

If not, join now!

Not only is it the greatest investment if you order a lot
of things off of,
but it can save you lots of TIME and MONEY as you send
things to your missionary!
1.  Plug in your missionary's MISSION OFFICE address
2.  Search for whatever you would like to send to them.
3.  Free 2 Day shipping to the mission office!
4. gift messages!
*If you have your missionary's apartment address,
you can send it right to him/her;
however, remember to be very aware of transfer dates
because there is always a chance that he/she
won't get it at all if it arrives there and they've left!
What Can You Send?
Foam mattress pads

New pillows
Personal hygiene items
GPS Unit
Look in the grocery section
to send:
tag line:  "To my smart cookie"
tag line:  "We cereal-sly miss you!"
breakfast bars,
granola bars,
protein bars,
drink mixes,
tag line:  "You're a SOUP-er great missionary!"
Is your missionary in the MTC?
It works the same way!
Sending things to the MTC from
is a great way to SAVE MONEY
get a package there in just a few days!
Check it out!
International Missionary Moms...
research global shipping here:

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