Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mission Tracker

I bought one of these before our 1st son left on his LDS mission. 
I decided to hang it in the kitchen/mud room hallway where we
could all look at it regularly.  It has been wonderful! 
I ordered another one before our 2nd son left on his mission and it's great to be able to see them both together and focus on their service. 
I highly recommend this company and their product
It's a great way to have your family, friends, neighbors, etc.
follow your missionary and will also be a wonderful keepsake
for your missionary when they return home.
I write on the back of the calendar
the dates they enter the MTC,
enter their mission,
and transfer dates. 
I also include the names of their companions
and any leadership position in which they are serving.
It's a great product!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stateside Missionary? Amazon Prime...

...is your new best friend!
Are you a member of Amazon Prime?

If not, join now!

Not only is it the greatest investment if you order a lot
of things off of amazon.com,
but it can save you lots of TIME and MONEY as you send
things to your missionary!
1.  Plug in your missionary's MISSION OFFICE address
2.  Search amazon.com for whatever you would like to send to them.
3.  Free 2 Day shipping to the mission office!
4.  And...free gift messages!
*If you have your missionary's apartment address,
you can send it right to him/her;
however, remember to be very aware of transfer dates
because there is always a chance that he/she
won't get it at all if it arrives there and they've left!
What Can You Send?
Foam mattress pads

New pillows
Personal hygiene items
GPS Unit
Look in the grocery section
to send:
tag line:  "To my smart cookie"
tag line:  "We cereal-sly miss you!"
breakfast bars,
granola bars,
protein bars,
drink mixes,
tag line:  "You're a SOUP-er great missionary!"
Is your missionary in the MTC?
It works the same way!
Sending things to the MTC from amazon.com
is a great way to SAVE MONEY
get a package there in just a few days!
Check it out!
International Missionary Moms...
research global shipping here:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camera Phone Idea ~

Sorry for the blog neglect!  We've been getting our 2nd missionary ready to leave on his mission this week.  It's been crazy!
Anyway, here are some good ideas that can help you with your missionary - all using that little tool that we carry around all the time - our cell phone!
Take a photo of each of these things:
MTC Address
Mission Office Address
Clothing/Shoe Sizes
List From Mission of What To Bring
And of course...
photos of your cute missionary getting ready to leave!
I also love using the Notes feature.
Use the Voice Recorder
This is to record your Missionary's farewell address in church.
It can be easily downloaded later to Dropbox and kept for future listening.
And, for those family members and friends who can't be there,
you can send it to them in an attachment.


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