Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Tree Ideas ~ Cute for Mother's Day!

I love the cute family trees that so many creative people have put together!  Celebrate your family with a fun family tree for your home.
And wouldn't this make a GREAT Mother's Day gift!
Here are some fun & fresh ideas:
Yes, it's a 'modern family tree' with the cast from 'Modern Family!'
Love this format! has really fresh and fun family trees!
A few below:
And here are a few more from


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning ~ Missionary Apartments

Send your missionary a fun package with spring cleaning supplies
to help them get their apartment in tip-top shape! 

Here's a past list on a cleaning box based on
President Hinckley's 9 Be's
* bar of soap
* sponges
* wet wipes
* hand sanitizer
* kitchen towel
* dish scrubber
* garbage bags
* microfiber rags/cloths
(dollar stores are awesome spots for these items!)
* Also, look for 'sample' size items to send (laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc.)

A Basic Cleaning Guide for Missionaries

Reading Material:

"Unspotted From the World"
Ensign, July 2012

"Be Ye Clean"
Ensign, May 1996

Q&A:  "Why Do We Need to Clean?"
New Era, March 2005



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