Friday, December 21, 2012

Missionary Package Idea

*New* Missionary Package Idea!

Okay, here's the newest package idea.
This is a fun one to put together and send off to your missionary,
and it's chock full of things that they need and want!

"Open Your Mouth
Share the Gospel!"

Fill a package with things your missionary needs to help them
"open their mouth" each day as they share their gospel message.

*Floss (stick flossers are great!)
*Whitening strips
*Moisturizing balm (for dry, cracked lips)
*Tongue scraper
*Listerine strips
*Breath spray
(Remember...missionaries don't chew gum!)
*Minty tums
(if they struggle with the food!)

Now that their pearly whites are in great shape...
give them some extra motivation
to open up and talk!

Elder Earl C. Tingey - April 1998 Conference


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