Monday, October 8, 2012

*MORE* Missionary Package Ideas!

MORE Missionary Package Ideas!

Okay, here are MORE fun and cute missionary package ideas for you to use!
Print off the Conference talks and include them in your package.


SWEET is the Work!

Of course, this package works with any kind of SWEET treat for your missionary! 

* Candy
* Sweet tarts
* Powdered drink mix 
(in certain areas, water doesn't taste too great)
* Breath mints (remember, missionaries can't chew gum!)
* Homemade cookies
* Treat mixes (cookies, muffins, etc.)

The Worth of "Soles"

* Shoe polish wipes
* Gold Bond foot powder
* Gel shoe inserts
* Odor fresheners
* New socks
* Blister pads
* Good foot lotion
* Small foot roller for relaxing foot muscles

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