Monday, October 29, 2012

Missionary Halloween Ideas!

Here are some ideas for Halloween for your missionary!

Send this with your box of foot helpers

* Shoe polish wipes
* Gold Bond foot powder
* Gel shoe inserts
* Odor fresheners
* New socks
* Blister pads
* Good foot lotion
* Small foot roller for relaxing foot muscles


something good to eat!

Thanks to the Missionary Moms list for the idea below:

Gummy Body Parts Halloween List:

Here is the list that you send to your missionary.  It tells them to look at the wrapped package, guess what is in the package and then look up the scripture to see if they were correct.  Below are the items to collect and then individually wrap each item with the scripture reference taped on the top for your missionary.

From one of the missionary list moms:
"I have to tell you I was not successful in finding all the items. I was told that one could get a package of Gummy Body Parts at WalMart but as my luck would have it, my WalMart didn't carry them. I did however locate a package of Body Parts at Rite Aid today. They didn't have everything so I added some ideas I had on the bottom of the list that I am going to use. I did find some Halloween tissue paper at WalMart to use for wrapping. Hope you enjoy this.
 I heard that all the missionaries who got this loved it!  Have fun!"

Halloween Body Part Master:
Ears.........D&C 58:1
Mouth.......Psalms 8:2
Lips..........Psalms 140:3
Fingers......Dan 5:5
Eyes.........Jeremiah 39:7
Tongue......Proverbs 10:31
Feet..........Mosiah 15:15
Nose..........Genesis 27:27
Teeth........Psalms 58:6
Bug Juice....Exodus 8:21
Gummi Worms........2 Nephi 24:11
Anything with bats.....2 Nephi 12:20
Gummy Spiders..........Moses 2:25
Pumpkin Light............2 Nephi 10:14
Gummy Eyeballs.........Isaiah 52:8

Add Ins:
Heart........................1 Nephi 17:44
Pixi Sticks..................D&C 27:5
Bones.......................Ether 11:6
Popcorn Ball...............1 Nephi 16:10
Brain.........................D&C 130:19 

You can find MORE great ideas on my missionary Pinterest Board!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Grammar Hints and Tips!

Here's a list of great sites for teaching good grammar!

Click on the grammar girl (above) or check out these sites below:

A list of style, punctuation and grammar tips.

A great website helping with all aspects of good grammar.

Monday, October 8, 2012

*MORE* Missionary Package Ideas!

MORE Missionary Package Ideas!

Okay, here are MORE fun and cute missionary package ideas for you to use!
Print off the Conference talks and include them in your package.


SWEET is the Work!

Of course, this package works with any kind of SWEET treat for your missionary! 

* Candy
* Sweet tarts
* Powdered drink mix 
(in certain areas, water doesn't taste too great)
* Breath mints (remember, missionaries can't chew gum!)
* Homemade cookies
* Treat mixes (cookies, muffins, etc.)

The Worth of "Soles"

* Shoe polish wipes
* Gold Bond foot powder
* Gel shoe inserts
* Odor fresheners
* New socks
* Blister pads
* Good foot lotion
* Small foot roller for relaxing foot muscles

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day Seven ~ Preparing for General Conference

7.  A House of Glory

Glory can be defined as:

Very great praise, honor or distinction bestowed by common consent;
Something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration;
Adoring praise or worshipful thanksgiving:
Resplendent beauty or magnificence;
A state of great splendor, magnificence, or prosperity.

How do you picture a house of glory?

How can you turn your home into one of glory?

I think of the artwork,
music, landscape,
voice levels,
and a clean & organized space.

The temple is a great example of a house of glory.
I love being able to see temples in my own home!
Here are some links to help you get started:
(prints below from etsy)



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day Six ~ Preparing for General Conference

6.  A House of Learning

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare for conference:
What did I learn from the last conference?
What did I help others to learn?
What do I need to learn from this conference?
How can I help others to learn?

As we prepare ourselves and our families to listen,
we begin to prepare our minds and our hearts to receive spiritual
impressions that are for us to act upon.

Having these things nearby during conference
helps me to learn:

Journal or notebook
Good pens

Having my home prepared helps me to learn as well!

Here are some links that may be helpful:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day Five ~ Preparing for General Conference

5. Have faith!

Listening to conference messages is a surefire way to help you
with answers to questions in your own everyday life.
Here are some great examples of ways that you can prepare
with questions to be answered through the Prophet and Apostles.

Here's a cute handout that teaches us how we can receive answers
to our questions while we listen to General Conference!


*Meals planned for Saturday, Sunday and Monday
(make sure you have breakfasts and lunches for Monday morning!)

*Laundry caught up
(It feels soooo good to sit and watch Conference knowing
that your baskets of laundry are tackled and put away!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day Four ~ Preparing for General Conference

4.  House of Prayer and House of Fasting

Missionaries pray all day long.  From the moment they awaken, until they drop into bed, they are almost constantly praying either with others or alone.
This week, work on improving the quantity and quality of prayers.
Morning and evening prayers
Prayers over food
Prayers that open and close meetings
Family prayers
A constant prayer in your heart

Ask yourself -
Who needs your prayers?

Many had Fast Sunday yesterday. 
Think about any other days when you could fast. 
Who needs your fasting?

Here are some links to articles that may be of interest:


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