Monday, September 10, 2012

*MORE* Missionary Ideas!

Missionary packages are so much fun to put together!  They are, in my humble opinion, as much fun to put together for the Mom (or friend, family member, etc.) as they are for the missionary to open!  While I am the worst at taking photos of my projects as I do them, I'm good at sharing the places and photos that give me packaging inspiration.  Here are more missionary package ideas for your favorite missionary:

Birthday Photo Book

This is a fun thing to put together for your missionary's birthday!

First, get a small photo album that holds 4x6 prints.  Mine held 42 prints.

Second, make a sign that says "Happy Birthday Elder ___!" with your elder's name on it.  Take it everywhere with you for a few weeks before you need to send your package!  I took mine to family dinners, football games, church meetings, and out in the neighborhood.  Take a photo of family members, friends, pets, neighbors, favorite teachers, etc. each holding the sign. 
Print the photos.  I slid one into a page and then wrote on a 4x6 card some info about that person and what is going on in their life right now and any messages they wanted me to pass on to him. 
I slid that card into the pocket across from the photo.

Next, wrap it up and send it in your birthday box!

I filled the box with a cookie mix, cake mix, frosting, candles, birthday plates, birthday napkins, birthday cups, and a simple decoration - all from the dollar store.

We "Cereals-ly" Miss You!

All missionaries love their cereal!
Send boxes of cereal, along with plastic spoons and paper bowls, so that they can enjoy a late snack without having to do dishes.

Cute presentation!  I love the little boxes of cereal.
*Update:  This was a VERY popular package with the whole apartment!

Here's the Scoop...You're Great!

Take a dollar store ice cream scoop, boxes of waffle ice cream cones, lots of colored sprinkles, and add a big jar of chocolate sauce.
Pack it along with a note for your elder
"Just add ice cream!"

It will definitely brighten their day!

Here's a packaging idea for it:

Again, you can find a lot of these items at dollar stores! 

You can find lots more ideas on my missionary pinterest board!
Have fun!

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