Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ask to the Dance!

Anyone who has ever had to help ask or answer someone to a high school dance knows that for some reason, brain fog sets in at that exact moment! Every good idea you have ever heard of, ever seen done, or ever thought up disappears to the dark corners of the brain and stays there. So...with Sweethearts and Prom coming up in the next few months, here are some ideas! Please share some of your good ideas for others to use too! And...check out my Pinterest board with even MORE ideas there!
Write your name on the back,
or put the puzzle piece someplace where they
have to go to find it,
or just in an envelope!

So easy and cute!
You could cut out mustaches,
take photos of yourself with them on,
or just draw a giant one,
and then put the question!

Get a big bag of sand,
a little tiny shovel,
bury your name in the sand,
and make your date dig away!
"I dig you...would you be my date for..."

More ideas available on my Pinterest board!

Have fun...
and PLEASE share any ideas you have too!

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