Monday, October 24, 2011

Dinner Ideas

I dread 5:00 each day if I don't have a plan for dinner!  There is nothing worse in a household of boys than to hear "What's for dinner?" and not have something already cooking.  On the flip side, there is nothing better than to have it planned, cooking, and ready to serve BEFORE they get hungry!  Here are a couple of sites that are helpful in planning dinner.  After all, you already know each day that your family will be hungry later on.  Why not plan in advance and save yourself the stress?

I love Food on the Table!  They take your local grocery store sale flyer, match it with what you feel like cooking this week, and then allow you to either input your own recipes or give you suggestions for cooking.  After that, you can print off your grocery list and head over to your store!  Or even better, have them send it to your cell phone so that you don't misplace it.

Go to Meals Matter and input your information.  You can plan your meals, get recipe ideas, and print it off.  Good ideas here!

Check out a sample menu from The Dinner Page.

Check out the Crock Pot Girls site for lots of recipes using your slow cooker!   

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