Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unclutterer Post ~ Good Ideas!

I just wanted to share this post from Unclutterer.  It makes perfect sense to me!  These are all good questions to ask yourself when organizing, dejunking, and cleaning out an area of your home.  Enjoy!

Questions to ask of your things when uncluttering

The earthquake and hurricane this past week on the east coast have left me glad I made August’s resolution to update my “In case of …” file. Mother Nature sure knows how to drive home a point in a really big way.
In addition to creating the file, I’ve also started to take a new approach to how I see the items in my home. Not only is the stuff we own there to serve my family’s needs and bring us joy, but it is also stuff that someone else might have to deal with in case of an accident. Obviously, I hope no one else ever has to deal with our things, but it’s important to consider that it is a possibility.
Now, as part of the questioning process I consider when uncluttering items in my home and office, I’ve added another question to the list:
  • Do I have something else like this that fulfills the same purpose?
  • If this is a duplicate item, which of these items is in the best condition, of the best quality, and will last me the longest?
  • Is this item in disrepair and need to be replaced or fixed?
  • Does this item make my life easier/save me time/save me money/fulfill an essential need?
  • Why does this object live in our house and is this the best place for this object?
  • Do I need to do more research to know if this is the best object to fulfill its essential need?
  • If this is a perishable item, has its expiration date passed?
  • Will this item be easy for someone else to deal with in case I am not capable of doing so?
  • Does this item help me to develop the remarkable life that I want to live?

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