Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Costumes ~ Great Prices!

One of the shopping sites I like to go to is  It's the outlet site of and has great merchandise at good prices.  *When shopping online, always go through in order to get cash back on your purchases!  I love when I get that check in the mail!*

As I was looking for swimsuits for the boys, I noticed that a lot of their costumes are marked way down.  I'm not thinking about Halloween yet, but I remember when the boys were younger they loved to dress up and use our Halloween costumes during playtime.  If you need costumes or dress up items, this may be a good time to check out what's available here!

Prince of Persia - $12.94 (58% off)

Anakin Skywalker Light Saber $5.94 (63% off)

Alien Robe and Mask $8.80 (56% off)

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