Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Order and Cleanliness Make You a Better Person ~ Scientific Evidence!

I have always found the "Broken Window Theory" to be fascinating.  One broken window on a street of well-kept homes can lead to more disorder, filth and graffiti, potentially changing the entire neighborhood into a rundown, dirty area.  This has now been proven by a team of Dutch researchers to affect personalities and stereotypes.  I think this applies within our homes as well - one dirty dish leads to two, which leads to crumbs not wiped off the counter, leading to wrappers dropped on the floor, and so on and so on - and pretty soon, you have a mess!

Check out this article for more proof that, yes, order and cleanliness will make you a better person!

And to further your efforts, you may want to post one of these nifty signs in one or more areas of your home:
(Signs courtesy of

I could use this one as a homework motivator! Get it done faster in a clean and orderly environment!

I have 4 boys...need I say more.

A nice reminder that, yes, it only takes a minute!  This counters the "I don't have time" excuse.

Yes, clean it up and then keep it that way.  A good one for bedrooms and garage lockers.

No meals on wheels in our home!  Keep a little reminder around for treats and drinks to stay in the kitchen.

Put it on the car dashboard, the bedroom doors, or just hold it up at family dinner.

Can't wait to see the boys' reactions to these fun little signs!  :)

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