Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Books

With Easter around the corner, I thought I would post some book ideas that I've found to be helpful in preparing myself and my family for this special day.  Many of the ideas could be used daily; I've taken two or three here and there and used them to fit our situation each year.  Enjoy!

A Christ-Centered Easter: Day-By-Day Activities to Celebrate Easter Week

This wonderful idea and activity book has great daily activities to commemorate your Easter Week.

21 Days Closer to Christ

21 Days Closer to Christ

A beautiful book with great thought-provoking questions, scriptures and journaling activities.

The Gift of the Atonement: Favorite Writings on the Atonement of Jesus Christ
Various writings of the apostles and prophets concerning the Atonement.  These are good to use at Sunday dinner, Family Home Evening, or as a daily devotional in your home. 

Inviting Him in: How the Atonement Can Change Your Family
A good book explaining how the atonement of Jesus Christ can strengthen your family's relationships.  Good chapters - this book is easy to put down and pick up again, which is nice when you want to ponder over some of the messages read.

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