Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love these smoothies ~ Green Monsters

Okay, so my sister in law Shannon got me hooked on making green drinks - lots of spinach, fruit, yogurt, etc. - and I love them!  This site has lots and lots of recipes for healthy green drinks and I highly recommend getting the Amazing Superfood that they talk about.  I add it to my drinks and love it!  So check out all the good ideas at the Green Monster site!  Cheers!

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  1. I've been making green drinks for years. Our two favorites:
    Jedi Juice: 1 frozen banana, some OJ and half a bag of spinach. You really cannot taste the spinach. The banana is the key ingredient.

    Wanna Date Drink: handful of pitted dates, one apple, handful of spinach and water. If it's too strong add a frozen banana (half will do fine) and it'll calm it down.

    And if your kids (or you) want a chocolate shake but you don't want the calories - we add a frozen banana (yes, we love frobans!) to milk and chocolate powder and have a delicious chocolate-y smoothie. Soo good!!



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