Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Good Idea ~ Time Capsule in a Jar

This great idea was sent to me today and I just had to share it!  There are so many possibilities with this.  I love how you could put everything from ticket stubs to photos in one accessible spot and in a see-through jar.  I also love that you could do a jar of just the things you find in pockets while you do the laundry!  It would definitely provide a fun look back at the end of the year.  This reminds me of a collage - in fact, you could do this same thing with a glass covered shadow box and pin things to the back.  Any way you choose to do it, I think this is one good idea!  Check out the photos and Kelli's ideas on her blog!  (She blogged about it near the end of December 2010.)

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