Friday, December 31, 2010

Repeat ~ Krazy Coupon Lady

I've highlighted this site before, but it's worth repeating ~ don't shop until you check out their coupons and deals!  TLC spotlighted Joanie (aka Krazy Coupon Lady) on their "Extreme Couponing" special this past week.  Even if you aren't buying in large quantities like some couponers do, it is SO worth it to check out the deals on this website.   You can enter through the button on my site too!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Healthy Living Site ~ Spark People

This is one of my very favorite healthy living websites!  If you are looking for a FREE site dedicated to helping people change their lives and be healthy, then you absolutely must sign up at Spark People.  It provides the same type of program as those expensive, monthly weight loss groups but without any charges.  You can find support, recipes, track your daily workouts, and get ideas for your personal workouts.  Full of great ideas, you have to check it out!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Frugal Ideas ~ Wise Bread

I'm impressed with the amount of good information on this frugal site.  It has lots of great ideas for saving money, being frugal, and living wisely.  Good columnists and good ideas!  Check it out!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Sorts of Cute Crafts and Ideas ~

Love this site!  Tons of good ideas and craft projects that are actually cute and doable!  I have to admit...I love her red and white combinations so this site is particularly appealing to me.  Anyway, put this on your list of great ideas to check out once in a while.  You'll be glad you did!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Great Shopping Site - Smart Bargains

Check out this other great shopping site for everything from clothing to home decor!  Their clearance items are usually very well-priced and good quality as well.

Great Shopping Site -

I have found some great deals on this site!  Ski clothing, summer clothing, and athletic wear are usually discounted well below what you can find at local stores.  Check them out for deals on items you need!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yummy recipes! ~ Pepperidge Farm

Okay, one thing that I sometimes forget to do when searching for a specific recipe is to check out the product's website!  For instance, I wanted to find a different baked brie in puff pastry recipe to use on Christmas Eve and finally found one that looked good at, guess where, the Pepperidge Farm website.'s a good idea...remember to check the website if you are using a specific product and want to see different ideas! 

Sewing Tips & Ideas ~ Sew Mama Sew!

Cute ideas at this site!  Lots of links to free tutorials for everything from clothing to handbags, quilts and more, much more!  One thing I really like about it is it has instructions for both hand sewn items as well as machine.  Check out all of the good ideas at this site!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Utah Deals ~ Coupons 4 Utah

This site is really specific for Utah deals.  Great coupons and good shopping ideas.  Look through the post today for some great links to discounts!  Happy shopping!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Fun Quilts ~ Mary's Cottage Quilts

Okay, you just have to check out the cute quilts that my friend Mary creates!  She is so super-talented and has a great eye for design, color, and fabric.  Check out her fun blog now and then to see the fun quilts she is designing!

Cute Fabric ~ Sweetwater

Love the designs that this team comes up with!  They have the cutest, freshest looking fabric and the best ideas to go along with it.  I can never get enough!  LOL  Check out their home decor ideas, along with their fabric line, and be inspired.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Organized! ~ Simple Organized Living

I love how this site has categories for being organized, controlling clutter, and keeping things simple!  Check out all of the GREAT ideas for your home and family.  It is NEVER too late to get things pulled together and really, it makes life easier, simpler and saner!  Lots of great ideas at this site!

Good Recipes! ~ The Little Kitchen

This site has great recipes for everything from banana bread to blondies!  It's a fun place to go for a quick browse when looking for something fun to make to eat.  Check out her good ideas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love Color? ~ Pantone!

I find it very interesting to see what the new "hot" colors are for the upcoming year!  Check out the Pantone website for their color of the year (see above!), plus coordinating colors and good ideas for decorating your home.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Great Utah Deals ~ the Deal Diva

Another great site to check out for deals is the Utah Deal Diva.  She has good tips, links, and coupons for items that are available locally and nationally.  Love her tips!  Check out her good ideas before you shop.

Good frugal tips ~ Frugal Dad

It's always good to keep frugality in mind.  Here's a site that I like to check out now and then for good budgeting and saving tips.  He has good reminders and ideas for saving money, which is definitely helpful to everyone right now!  Check out his good ideas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great All-Around Deal Site! ~ Sarah's Deals

I really, really appreciate people who share their bargains and deals with us!  This site has everything you need to find coupons, sales, online deals, and other money saving information.  Bookmark it and check it out regularly!  Notice that it is (dot) net instead of (dot) com.

Cute accessories! ~ Sam Moon

Cute red bag $24.95!

I stopped a woman in an airport a few years ago to ask her where she got her handbag.  She told me about Sam Moon and then laughed, saying "It was really expensive!"  I paused, and she told me that their items were really inexpensive and fun pieces to add to your purse and accessory collection.  It's worth taking a look at their site and seeing what they have available.  I really like their evening bags!  Most items are really sparkly and blingy, so take that into account.  There are times, though, when a girl needs a little sparkle on her arm for not a lot of cash!  Lots of cute gift ideas here!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yummy blog ~ save the date for cupcakes!

If you are in need of some eye candy while getting good ideas for your home, check out the great photos on this blog!  The most recent postings are on "dessert tables" and really, if you wanted to do something stunning, have all your desserts in one color scheme!  (Mine would have to be milk chocolate brown!)

Love tips? ~

Are you a tip junkie?  I am!  This is a fun website with, you guessed it, lots of tips!  Check out the good ideas that are on here and use them in your home and family. 

Cute Cooking and Sewing Ideas ~ Aesthetic Nest

This is a great site for fun homemade ideas!  Anneliese has great taste and her sewing, baking and art skills are readily displayed for readers.  Take a look at her cute ideas, but don't be surprised when I use some of them for you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Coupon Sites ~ Check them out!

Okay, here are my other go-to coupon sites that I use BEFORE I walk into the grocery store!  Print off coupons for the items on your list and you are good to go!  I hope that you are also loading e-coupons onto your grocery savings card.  Go to your store's website and get them loaded on each week.  Combine those with a printable coupon and a product that is on sale, and you have yourself a free or almost-free item!  It's a good idea!

Best Ideas Ever - Kevin Sharkey!

I love, love, LOVE the ideas that I get from Kevin Sharkey.  Kevin is a top creative designer for MSL (Martha Stewart Living) and his ideas are always so great!  I have to say, following his apartment renovation was completely inspiring.  Looking at his closet, his organization skills, and how he does things always gives me more good ideas.  Check out his blog and other articles he's done on MSL.

Another great deal website -

Louvett Watches - Today's special deal at mamapedia!

Love the deals this site gets for moms and kids!  They seem to have a lot of really cute items available on their daily deal, and they are definitely a good price.  Check them out and sign up for their email so that you can have first dibs on their products!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Best All Around Recipe Site -

You know how sometimes you have that random food item that you want to use, but you can't think of a recipe to use with it?  Or that craving you're having for a specific food and you want a yummy recipe that will taste good to you?  That's where comes in!  It's a great site full of lots of fantastic recipe ideas.  It's a site where I actually trust the reviews.  I love how it takes the best recipes from magazines and other websites and pulls them all together.  Now I don't have to fret about not getting Bon Appetit or other cooking magazines because they are all right here!  Check them out for GREAT food ideas!

Your Search is Over! ~

A great place to find daily deals is at  When you sign up for their email, you'll receive notice of great deals on great products at really cheap prices!  For example, on top of their list today is a great beauty item at Sephora, their $99 brush set is on sale for $38, but today it's marked down to $19!  Check out their website for good gift ideas and even better prices!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cute Glitter Sprinkles ~

Fun, fun, fun!  I LOVE this for adding a little sparkle to treats, especially during holidays, or especially for birthdays, or even for afterschool treats!  :)  Gold and silver stars, gold and silver hearts, and PINK glitter hearts!  What could be cuter than that!  Check out the Wilton site for lots of fun things to add sparkle to your yummy homemade treats.

Fun Design Ideas ~

Take a few minutes and check out the fun ideas on this blog by a mom of 6!  Love the DIY bleached tees - what a fun project and so easy!  She always has good ideas for kids, gifts, and especially anyone who is a DIY kind of gal.  Check it out!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Comparison Shopping ~ vs.

I just heard about this site - - which has all of the products you use and ships them to you for free.  I wondered how it compared to, which is where I get some of my cleaning products by the case.

I took Method Cleaners and compared them.  I love their Wood Floor Cleaner!  Method Wood Floor Cleaner was $5.97 on; it was $35.94 for 6 ($5.99 each) on has free shipping only if you purchase the Prime Shipping Option, which normally goes for about $79.00 per year without a discount code. 

I'm thinking about trying  I love their branding - "Everybody needs an Alice!" - and I'm curious to see if this could be a new way to shop!

You Just Cannot Beat These Deals! ~

Okay, if you haven't heard about City Deals, then click on it TODAY!  This website offers hundreds of deals at local salons, restaurants, and shops near where you live.  They have fantastic deals on spa services, making it less of an indulgence to get a facial or massage, and great gift certificates to stores.  I love that you can get deals on admissions to museums, water parks, and other fun places to take your kids!  Their sales, on top of already low prices, are amazing and a good time to stock up on gift certificates for teachers, birthday parties, and other times.  Check out City Deals ~ it's a good idea!

Outlet Coupons ~ Tanger Outlets

Love getting a good deal at your local outlets?  Make sure that you check out their website for coupons and other deals before you go!  Lots of outlet stores have online coupons as well, so check out your favorite outlet store for possible coupons and discounts to use while you shop.  And, when you get to the outlet, head over to the main office and ask about coupons they have there!  Here's a link to my local outlets - it's a good idea to check out yours before you go outlet shopping again.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Tradition Idea

Holiday Tradition Good Idea:

Check out your local World Market store for fun holiday ornaments and treats from other countries.  Start a collection of ornaments for each of your children based on your family's ancestry.  Dutch Sinter Klaas, Pere Noel, and other fun holiday traditions from other countries would make a great collection theme and give them the added bonus of a family history theme when they begin their own families.

It's a good idea!

Family Friendly Recipes ~ Real Mom Kitchen!

The recipes at are just that - from a real mom's kitchen!  I find lots of good ideas on Laura's blog, especially for those nights when the cooking inspiration just ain't happenin'!  Today's highlighted recipe is for a chili hot chocolate and looks great.  She has fantastic casseroles, yummy salads, and all sorts of great recipes that are easy, very user friendly, and most importantly, delicious!  My kids like everything that I have tried from here.  Check out all of her good ideas for cooking at your home.

Steals and Deals -!

The Today Show brings great deals to online shoppers with their "Steals and Deals" segment.  Check out the great gift ideas that today's story has for Today Show viewers!  I was impressed with the jewelry and Omaha Steak discounts.  This is definitely a segment that I regularly check out and use to find great discounts on items online.  Check them out!

Save Big $$$ -

Another website that has great lists to use when couponing is here at  Just enter in your state, your store, and up comes a list ready for you to use with your coupons!  It has all of the necessary coupon information and works around the sales.  You can get it for FREE and I would highly recommend it!  They also have lots of other good ideas for sales at their home site of  Just another place to check out on the web - but ONLY if you are interested in saving lots of money!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Super Coupon and Deal Info! ~ The Krazy Coupon Lady

You're not doing your wallet any favors by not receiving the daily email from Krazy Coupon Lady!  Even if you aren't a coupon-cutting shopper, the deals she finds and shares are for everything from cleaning supplies to clothing and more.  It's worth your time (and your money!) to check out the good ideas here!  Sign up for her daily email or just click on the website and get motivated to save money.  It's important to note that you MUST type in THE krazy coupon lady or you will get directed to a different blog.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Desserts! All The Time! ~ Dessert Stalking

I love desserts!  There is something so great about ending a meal on a sweet note!  This website takes all the best desserts from different bloggers and sites and puts them in one convenient place for you to pick and choose.  It's like scrolling through an online bakery and then picking the one that fits your dinnertime needs!  Or your snack time.  Check them out ~ it's full of good ideas for your holiday and everyday meals!

Fabric Journals, Albums and Books ~ Rag and Bone Bindery

If you spend time making lists ~ to do lists, goal lists, grocery lists, lists about lists ~ you can at least make your lists look pretty!  These fabric covered journals and books are perfect for your busy life and add a little bit of cute to a normal routine.  Fun photo albums make it seem like less of a chore to add those pictures when you get them printed off.  Check out their sales too!  They always have lots of good ideas for busy moms who want something pretty to write down ideas, thoughts, and funny things your kids say!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Gift Ideas ~ Fred Flare!

Cupcake Beanie $11.99

I love the good ideas and cool things that you can find at!  Cute accessories, fun cameras (the lego camera is so cute), and really random items are available.  Check them out for good ideas at Christmas, birthdays, and any time you need a fun gift that your recipient definitely doesn't already own!  Perfect website for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list!

Dollar Store Crafts - Check them out!

photo by jscreationzs

I've loved this crafting website for years and check it out on a regular basis.  If you love to decorate and craft but hate to spend big bucks, this website is for you.  It's also full of good ideas for classroom parties, birthdays, and other children's events. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Uncluttering Ideas

photo by nuttakit

Do you have too much stuff?  I love feeling organized and it sure makes for easier living.  This is a great website chock full of organizing tips and tricks for every element in your life.  I highly recommend it!

Yummy Caramel Popcorn ~ So Shantastic!

I love this caramel popcorn recipe.  Some of the best food I have ever tasted has come from Shannon's recipes!  From delicious desserts to hearty salads, Shannon has "shantastic" recipes for lots of occasions.  Check it out ~ it's a good idea!

There are so many good ideas on the web! I decided to keep track of them here and create links to them for easy access! I am always finding delicious recipes, super shopping deals, fun craft links, and fantastic new ways of doing things. Check back regularly for lots of links to my good ideas!


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