Sunday, February 9, 2014

CTR Missionary Package Idea

CTR Missionary Package
Choose The Right
This is a fun package to send to your missionary!
*Use lots of GREEN and WHITE*

Include the following items:
You can purchase
inexpensive CTR rings for your missionary
to give to new converts, investigators, etc.
Green and White treats
would be fun to include as well!


Friday, November 8, 2013

*Great Missionary Idea Blog*

Okay, I love missionary ideas, and this blog has a lot of them!  They're all great ideas and are fun themes to do a package around.  Take a look!  You'll be glad you did!

Sandy put together one of the best 12 Days of Christmas missionary packages!

Thanksgiving Missionary Ideas

Check out this past post for Thanksgiving Missionary Package Ideas
Go here for an awesome Thanksgiving Countdown!
This would be fun to send to your missionary...
and to do with your family here at home!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Think it Forward ~ Great Idea!

Stumbled across this little gem today...

Go here for a bit of inspiration!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogs I Love

Blogs I Love
Take a look at two of the places I go for inspiration
when I'm not on pinterest!
Heather always has cute ideas
great links!
Click below...
Toni's links are awesome!
Love her links to party and decorating ideas.
See below...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Missionary Shoulder Bags ~ Messenger Bags

Missionary Shoulder Bags

"You are encouraged to choose shoulder bags
that are durable, professional, and business-like."
The new guidelines call for shoulder bags -
NO backpacks!
Look for waterproof or water-resistant,
padded shoulder straps,
water bottle holder,
sturdy clips,
other good features.
You CAN have colors other than black!
The photo above is from the website under
missionary dress code guidelines.  There are many bags
shown and quite a few are blue, brown, green, and tan.
Here are some that you may want to consider:

What reviewers say about this bag:
"I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this bag. I had read about the quality of Timbuk2, but you really have to hold one in your hands to appreciate how nice these bags are. "
"The small can fit a lot more than it would seem. Not quite the Tardis, but it is bigger on the inside. It has tons of pockets, is water resistant (I ride to/from work in the rain quite often), and doesn't look half bad. It can't fit a 15" laptop, but it can fit an iPad, Kindle, legal pads, and some clothes. I take this bag EVERYWHERE. "

What reviewers say about this bag:
"...the rest of the bag is as well-constructed and luxurious as the company claims. There are padded compartments to slip an iPad or notebook in, which work great for cameras, camcorders and other electronics, or old-fashioned paper books. I especially like the flat divided pocket directly under the front flap because I can keep my phone or digital recorder and a compact camera in easy reach. (And while the reaching is easy, you're in no danger of losing anything because the big openings have both clasps and Velcro fasteners, while interior pockets are equipped with Velcro.) There's also a very room flat holder for pens and other office supplies and a net bag built into the interior side that can be used for most anything. I'm thinking I'll pop an apple into it more often than not.

There's a huge amount of room in the main compartment.

On the outside, this is a beautiful, sleek bag with a pocket on one side to hold a bottle of water. Without the strap, there's a built-in handle so you can carry it like a briefcase. It's comfortable as well.

From the fasteners that make snapping the shoulder strap off and on easier than I thought possible, to the feel of the zippers and the padded interiors, this bag is both elegant and imminently utilitarian. The company guarantees it and I can see why: I expect to use this bag daily for many years. It's absolutely the best I've ever had."

What reviewers say about this bag:
"This is a great choice...the many pockets keep stuff well organized so I know exactly where to find what I'm looking for. The capacity is amazing - allowing for an extra change of clothing, a 3-1-1 bag, tablet, two cameras, cables, tickets, a book & snacks. The adjustable strap allowed me to find that comfortable spot on my hip that eases the load and it held its placement once set. Slipping it on and off the roller bag handle is a breeze. The material and zippers held up very well on my latest 18 day trip. I don't think I could have made a better choice!"

What reviewers say about this bag:
"I've been using this bag for a little over a month now and absolutely love it. To give a thorough I figure there are three important factors to consider when buying a bag--how it looks, how much it will hold, and how comfortable it is.

For the first, the picture basically does it justice. It is a stylish bag, not too pompous, but classy. Whether one is a suited-business person or student I think this bag will fit right in. The bag is also a shade lighter than in the pic. One other point I thought worth mentioning is that I'm about 6'4, 270 so I don't think it looks abnormally big when I am wearing it, but a smaller person may find it to be a bit large. Considering that it is for a 16" laptop I guess that shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

For the second, despite looking fairly slender the bag has ample room. There is a nicely padded pocket for one's laptop, another large pocket that will hold a big stack of papers/books/etc., 2 more smaller pockets underneath the flap and one on the flap and back--all zipper pockets except for the one on the back. (I've actually complained that there are too many pockets sometimes because I have to rifle through a few when I can't find something.)

And finally, the bag is very comfortable even with a full load and walking a mile from my car to the office. (Computer and 4 books, for example) The pad on the strap feels very nice on one's shoulder and the pad around the computer also serves to provide a slight cushion between you and the bag.

One additional note--I have walked over a mile in the rain twice with this bag and--thankfully--the claim of being water resistant was true. Not a bit of water on the inside. Overall a great bag, great quality, and inexpensive."

What reviewers say about this bag:
"I am rough on my bags. My office is at a power plant, and I travel constantly. I put a lot of abuse on my bags. I have worn out many, many, laptop bags, computer cases, and backpacks dragging them around with me to all of these locations. I finally resorted to using a military backpack that was specially made for the US Army Rangers to use in Afganistan, that one seems to hold up, but it lacks that 'professional' look. (professional soldier YES, but not professional desk jockey)

I had the chance to try this bag out and I must say I am impressed. While it has not been put through the ringer for months on end yet, I can tell right away this is MUCH better than the rest of the laptop cases and computer bags I have used in the past. It is thick and heavy, sturdy stitched, comfortable, and roomy. This thing is great.

Nice little pockets for odds-n-ends, and water bottle holder on the side. The interior is roomy, more so than it seems by looking. Once you start putting things in, it just keeps filling, its like the clown car of messenger bags. Best part, after I crammed way too much in there, it was still comfortable to carry.

I particularly like the buckles for the flap. Not sure if 'buckle' is the right word, but whatever you call them, I like them. I'm tired of breaking buckles or snaps, or the plastic clips. The 'c-ring' type buckle is quick, easy, and secure. Its a small thing, but the small things are what separate ok items from great ones. The straps and everything else are just right, comfortable and easy to adjust.

Overall, this is just one heck of a well designed and well thought out bag. My opinion of this is that it seems to be designed by a USER, instead of some designer somewhere trying to make what he thinks someone would want. This screams that someone who actually uses these bags designed it, which from the info I read seems to be how this company started out.

***UDATE 12/27/12*** I spent most of 2012 traveling every week for work. Meaning airports Monday and Friday, rental cars, and my days spent at power plants. This is STILL my laptop bag, and it still looks great, still works perfect, and believe it or not, still doesn't even have ONE tear or popped stitch I can find. This product is MADE TO LAST!"

What reviewers say about this bag:
"So practical and great value!!!! I use it everyday and it's still in very good shape. Would recommend it for anyone who needs a backpack. "
1. Many compartments inside and outside bag
2. Can be used for many purposes, as the material is very durable.
3. Minor wear-and-tear after three years of ownership
4. the shoulder pad is adjustable for all ages and sizes"

If you have a stateside missionary,
Amazon Prime,
you get FREE 2 DAY shipping
to the mission office!


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